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On your first visit a full case history will be taken involving your medical history and lifestyle.

Upon consent you will be asked to undress so that the relevant area is visible and a series of orthopaedic, neurologic and osteopathic tests will be undertaken. At all times during the examination and subsequent treatment if required patient modesty and concerns will be catered for.

Using a highly developed sense of touch called ‘palpation’, any points of dysfunction or excessive strain throughout the body will be identified.
Osteopaths use their hands to investigate the underlying causes of pain and carry out treatment using a variety of manipulative techniques to restore normal function. These may include rhythmic joint movements called articulation, manipulation, soft tissue stretching and gentle releasing techniques.

This can help to reduce muscular spasm, improve circulation, reduce swelling and improve mobility, helping to promote a healthier state in which damaged tissue can heal. Osteopathy’s main strength lies in the unique way the patient is assessed holistically from a mechanical, functional and postural viewpoint.
Osteopaths treat a variety of complaints not only the common “bad back”, but for more information please visit the recommended websites. For more information on osteopathy I suggest you look more at these recommended websites General Osteopathic Council www.osteopathy.org.uk British Osteopathic Association www.osteopathy.org